TVBS: Państwowy Szpital na Taiwanie Potwierdza Skuteczność Wzmacniania przez Tian Xian Systemu Odpornościowego Pacjentów

Date: Sep 8, 2012 (Duration: 02:15)

Some media reported yesterday, the National Taiwan University Hospital confirmed the ‘Tian Xian liquid’ can be used to anti-cancer and even shrink the tumor. Is that true? Yesterday we called the researching doctors and they gave no response.

But some doctors from the National Taiwan University Hospital stood out to rebuke this report to mislead the consumers, because upon research, the ‘Tian Xian liquid’ at most can improve the immunity. Declaring to have curative effect before gaining the medicine license, this report is just an advertisement at most.

The ‘Tian Xian liquid’ can help prevent cancer and itís allegedly that the National Taiwan University Hospital confirmed the foodstuff has curative effect and can enhance the immunity of the patients who suffer the advanced phase of the breast cancer upon experiment. However, the doctor from the National Taiwan University Hospital strongly rebuked that this report was essentially just an advertisement. He advised the citizens should go to see a doctor and not have medicine incorrectly.

It is obvious that the one who expresses himself is not a breast cancer doctor. He is a doctor of the hospice ward. What he said is related to the hospice care, which can not improve the life quality. I believe itís heinous to gather money from the patients who have no hope and chance to be recovered.

The dealer declares that his product which includes the extraction of codonopsis pilosula, fructus ligustri lucidi, astragalus, cordyceps sinensis and rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae has curative effect. In fact, it is obviously misleading others.

Some tumors do shrink and the shrinking ratio is quite big, almost 50%. But our sample size is too small, and more researches needed to be done. Wu Mingzhu, a renowned Chinese medicine practitioner, indicates that the ‘Tian Xian liquid’ is a foodstuff rather than medicine and it has been sold on the market for more than 20 years. It can be acted as a foodstuff to supply vitality after operations. And she holds a prudent attitude on whether it can prevent cancer and has the curative effect.

台灣 TVBS 2012-09-08

改天仙液配方 台大實證「增免疫」 記者:吳亭儀 攝影:林亞男  台北 報導

真的是破天荒,台大醫療團隊創院100多年來,第一次針對「中藥配方-天仙液」進行人體實驗,在30名乳癌末期病患當中,有1名患者因為「免疫力增加」腫瘤縮小,不過衛生署警告,台大的研究只是一篇文章,沒有申請藥證,頂多只能當作輔助療法,而且跟市面上賣的,屬於食品等級的「天仙液」完全不一樣,病患千萬不要亂買、亂喝,延誤就醫,如果廠商誆稱療效,會被重罰100萬。 記者:「有天仙液嗎?」藥房業者:「這大陸才有。」 走訪藥房,想買不簡單,眼前這咖啡色瓶子裡裝得就是市面上在癌症患者間,流傳20年的中草藥天仙液,但從未得到中西醫藥證,台大醫院頭一遭證實,配方微調後有助於增加癌症患者免疫力,但衛生署說,這只是一篇文章,沒有申請藥證,不論任何實驗結果,需有藥證才可宣稱療效。 根據瞭解,台大醫院針對裡頭中藥做「加檢」配方,目前已知配方中,黨蔘、女貞子、黃耆、冬蟲夏草、白朮,屬於補氣、調整免疫力藥草。 台大醫院在2008年在業者主動聯絡下,2009年6月到2011年6月間,找來44名乳癌患者,其中30人是實驗組,每天喝3次天仙液-P,剩下14人喝替代品,發現實驗組30人免疫力增加,而實驗中有一名患者,腫瘤縮小,另一名則未再增生,但台大醫院也指出有待更多研究證實。 中醫師吳明珠:「黨蔘是補中益氣,不是說把4、5個藥材,都把它放進來,就可以對你有幫助,那個是值得要三思的。」 醫師提醒配方還沒釐清,沒有藥證前千萬別輕易嘗試,而台大針對這項研究,也轉為低調不回應,但畢竟市面上天仙液1號,各種天仙液,不是台大醫院研究出的天仙液-P,而市售天仙液也都是食品,一旦宣稱療效,衛生署可開罰100萬元,癌症患者得特別注意,最好還是求助正統的癌症療法