Dr. Medycyny (PhD) Andy Sun (Taiwan): Tian Xian i jego Przeciwnowotworowe Właściwości

Date: Oct 1, 2004 (Duration: 30:03)

Tian Xian liquid is extracted from Chinese medicinal herbs. For the past ten years, it had contributed insurmountably to cancer treatment. The pharmacology and the immunology studies of the major ingredients of Tian Xian Liquid show their ability to treat cancer. Dr. Andy Sun claims that “all ingredients of the Tian Xian liquid have anti-cancer effects.” It has immuno-modulation and tumor-killing effects which no other medicine can offer. Because Tian Xian liquid has both immunopotentiation and immunosuppression effects and can either stimulate or inhibit the lymphoproliferation response, it may be used as an immunomodulating agent to restore the altered cells.