100 Pacjentów Ocalonych od Raka Składa Wyrazy Uznania Wynalazcy i Twórcy Tian Xian Inventor (CCTV-4)

Date: Jul 22, 2007 (Duration: 05:18)

CCTV-4 covers the tribute event by 100 cancer survivors to Anti-Cancer Tian Xian Inventor, Dr. Wang Zhen Guo.


January 10, 2000, co-sponsored by the International Cancer Rehabilitation Association and the Zhenguo Industrial Group, the selection of one hundred Tian Xian anticancer warriors has started at the Yunnan Hall in the Great Hall of the People. Vice Chairman of NPC Dawamat and vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Zhao Nanqi participated in this event.

In today’s world, cancer still poses a serious threat to human’s health and life. Every six seconds, there will be a death due to cancer. Mankind is looking forward to get more effective treatments and medicines.

Chinese medicine has a long history in the treatment of cancer and it has made an outstanding contribution to it. The purposes of this fraternity is to promote Chinese traditional medicine, to prove to the world that, the result is good by combining TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and WM (Western Medicine) in treatment of tumor and the cure rate is very high.

Chairman of Zhen Guo Industrial Group Co., Ltd., said, “According to my recent experimental results, it proved that the efficiency of active ingredients in the Chinese traditional medicine on cancer is no less than the chemotherapy drugs, and there are no side effects.

“I think, this is the biggest characteristic of our Chinese medicine. In other words, it drives out of the evil spirits without injury, helps you being well without helping the evil spirits.”

Representatives from United States, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries also attended this fellowship. Foreign patients had better understanding for the role of Chinese medicine about the treatment on cancer through their personal experience.

A Japanese patient said that, “the special difference between Chinese and Western medicine is that the side-effects to the body is relatively small. Therefore, with the cooperation of Chinese and Western medicines, you can get more and better treatment results. The disease I am suffering from is called esophageal cancer, after taking Tian Xian medicine for three months, the size of my tumor shrank, which helped me to eat something.”

Today, the Warriors that are participating in the anti-cancer Association, have all suffered from cancer.

With the help of Chinese herbs, they could fight against cancer, so that they can have a fresh start. So that they can move towards the new century, and enter a new millennium.

A Chinese patient said, “after taking Tian Xian medicine for a few months, my physical condition has enhanced, my face is glowing and I feel so much energetic.”

I think that our country has so much potential for the traditional medicine and it’s indeed a great treasure. The personal experience of the anti-cancer warrior has proved the world that traditional Chinese medicine for treating cancer has been very effective. As for cancer, it can be prevented and can also be cured; cancer does not mean death.

Yesterday, there were hundreds of anti-cancer warriors gathered in Beijing and they used their personal experience to fight cancer in a scientific manner.