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Państwowy, Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny na Taiwanie Potwierdza w Oparciu o Prowadzone Badania Kliniczne Skuteczność Eliksiru Tian Xian-P w Walce z Rakiem Piersi

It is widely conspicuous that the National Taiwan University Hospital for the first time carried out a human experiment on the traditional Chinese medicine since it was founded. Findings indicated that the ‘Tian Xian liquid-P’ which was fine adjusted from a health care drink called ‘Tian Xian liquid’ can improve the immunity of the patients who suffered the advanced phase of the breast cancer.

Some patients even witness their tumors shrunk. However, some Chinese medicine practitioners hold a prudent attitude for this after seeing the already known 5 components.

The pitch-dark liquid with strong Chinese medicine odor, is the so-called functional drink of ‘Tian Xian liquid’. The formula applied by the dealer and the fine adjustment experiment carried out by the National Taiwan University Hospital, upon the primary human test, the ‘Tian Xian liquid-P’ which is compound of 5 Chinese herbal medicines, is believed to strengthen the immunity of the patients who suffered the advanced phase of breast cancer.

We made a clinical experiment in the National Taiwan University Hospital. The report indicated that the cancer cells shrank and even disappeared. The ‘Tian Xian liquid-P’ which was applied to human test by the National Taiwan University Hospital has not been put on the market. The already known components include codonopsis pilosula, fructus ligustri lucidi, astragalus, cordyceps sinensis and rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae.

The Chinese medicine practitioners hold that it can help supply vitality and adjust immunity. However, they keep a prudent attitude on whether it can really prevent cancer. It does not make any sense only by these 5 herbal medicines. It needs to be combined with both Chinese and Western medicine. It may be beneficial to breast cancer, but it is still questionable to help cure other cancers.

Currently, the health care effects of the long-sold ‘Tian Xian liquid’ on the market have different results on different people. The dealer intends to apply for the medicine license in the future, but right now the ìTianXian licenseî belongs to foodstuff. Although it can strengthen the immunity of those who suffered advanced cancer, curative effect can not be declared. Otherwise, 1 million will be fined at most. Here I also remind that the ‘Tian Xian liquid-P’ researched by the National Taiwan University Hospital

is different from the long-sold ‘Tian Xian liquid’ on the market. Itís secure to purchase it until the medicine license is issued if the citizens hope it can be used to prevent cancer. Reported by Qiu,xianpei & Zeng,jianxun from CTI News.


台灣 中天CTI 2012-09-08

天仙液-P可抗乳癌 台大醫院人體實驗證實

天仙液-P可抗乳癌 台大醫院人體實驗證實 2012-09-08 邱曉佩、曾建勳/台北報導 台大醫院創院已來,首次針對中草藥進行人體實驗,結果發現一款名為「天仙液」的保健性飲料,配方經過微調之後的天仙液-P,能增強晚期乳癌患者免疫力,也有1名患者因此腫瘤縮小,但中醫師看過目前已知的五種配方還是持保留態度。也提醒民眾,目前市售天仙液是食品,並非這次實驗產品,民眾不要誤以為有療效。



Some media reported yesterday, the National Taiwan University Hospital confirmed the ‘Tian Xian liquid’ can be used to anti-cancer and even shrink the tumor. Is that true? Yesterday we called the researching doctors and they gave no response.

But some doctors from the National Taiwan University Hospital stood out to rebuke this report to mislead the consumers, because upon research, the ‘Tian Xian liquid’ at most can improve the immunity. Declaring to have curative effect before gaining the medicine license, this report is just an advertisement at most.

The ‘Tian Xian liquid’ can help prevent cancer and itís allegedly that the National Taiwan University Hospital confirmed the foodstuff has curative effect and can enhance the immunity of the patients who suffer the advanced phase of the breast cancer upon experiment. However, the doctor from the National Taiwan University Hospital strongly rebuked that this report was essentially just an advertisement. He advised the citizens should go to see a doctor and not have medicine incorrectly.

It is obvious that the one who expresses himself is not a breast cancer doctor. He is a doctor of the hospice ward. What he said is related to the hospice care, which can not improve the life quality. I believe itís heinous to gather money from the patients who have no hope and chance to be recovered.

The dealer declares that his product which includes the extraction of codonopsis pilosula, fructus ligustri lucidi, astragalus, cordyceps sinensis and rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae has curative effect. In fact, it is obviously misleading others.

Some tumors do shrink and the shrinking ratio is quite big, almost 50%. But our sample size is too small, and more researches needed to be done. Wu Mingzhu, a renowned Chinese medicine practitioner, indicates that the ‘Tian Xian liquid’ is a foodstuff rather than medicine and it has been sold on the market for more than 20 years. It can be acted as a foodstuff to supply vitality after operations. And she holds a prudent attitude on whether it can prevent cancer and has the curative effect.

台灣 TVBS 2012-09-08

改天仙液配方 台大實證「增免疫」 記者:吳亭儀 攝影:林亞男  台北 報導

真的是破天荒,台大醫療團隊創院100多年來,第一次針對「中藥配方-天仙液」進行人體實驗,在30名乳癌末期病患當中,有1名患者因為「免疫力增加」腫瘤縮小,不過衛生署警告,台大的研究只是一篇文章,沒有申請藥證,頂多只能當作輔助療法,而且跟市面上賣的,屬於食品等級的「天仙液」完全不一樣,病患千萬不要亂買、亂喝,延誤就醫,如果廠商誆稱療效,會被重罰100萬。 記者:「有天仙液嗎?」藥房業者:「這大陸才有。」 走訪藥房,想買不簡單,眼前這咖啡色瓶子裡裝得就是市面上在癌症患者間,流傳20年的中草藥天仙液,但從未得到中西醫藥證,台大醫院頭一遭證實,配方微調後有助於增加癌症患者免疫力,但衛生署說,這只是一篇文章,沒有申請藥證,不論任何實驗結果,需有藥證才可宣稱療效。 根據瞭解,台大醫院針對裡頭中藥做「加檢」配方,目前已知配方中,黨蔘、女貞子、黃耆、冬蟲夏草、白朮,屬於補氣、調整免疫力藥草。 台大醫院在2008年在業者主動聯絡下,2009年6月到2011年6月間,找來44名乳癌患者,其中30人是實驗組,每天喝3次天仙液-P,剩下14人喝替代品,發現實驗組30人免疫力增加,而實驗中有一名患者,腫瘤縮小,另一名則未再增生,但台大醫院也指出有待更多研究證實。 中醫師吳明珠:「黨蔘是補中益氣,不是說把4、5個藥材,都把它放進來,就可以對你有幫助,那個是值得要三思的。」 醫師提醒配方還沒釐清,沒有藥證前千萬別輕易嘗試,而台大針對這項研究,也轉為低調不回應,但畢竟市面上天仙液1號,各種天仙液,不是台大醫院研究出的天仙液-P,而市售天仙液也都是食品,一旦宣稱療效,衛生署可開罰100萬元,癌症患者得特別注意,最好還是求助正統的癌症療法



Now let’s turn to domestic, after more than 1 hundred years since the National Taiwan University Hospital founded, for the first time the National Taiwan University Hospital research team found that perhaps an experimental product can improve the immunity of the cancer patients. The research team carried out a human experiment in terms of Chinese medicine formula ‘Tian Xian liquid’ for the first time.

Among the 30 patients who suffered the advanced phase of breast cancer, one witness’s tumor shrunk due to the immunity increase.However, the Health Department also warns that the National Taiwan University Hospital does not apply medicine license for this research. It is an experimental product, which is totally different from the foodstuff-level ‘Tian Xian liquid’ selling on the market. Therefore, the patients should not believe the folk prescription and should go to see a doctor. If the manufacturer declares it has curative effect, a high fine of 1 million should also be collected.

This tiny bottle with coffee color and white cap, is the famous Chinese herbal medicine ‘Tian Xian liquid’ selling on the market, which is circulated among the cancer patients for 20 years. But it has never gained either Chinese or Western medicine license. However, currently it is said that the National Taiwan University Hospital for the first time confirms it is beneficial to enhance cancer patients’ immunity after fine adjustment of the formula.

It is allegedly that the National Taiwan University Hospital aims at adding and subtracting formula in terms of the Chinese herbal medicine. So far, it is known that some components in the formula belong to the herbal medicine, which can nourish one’s vitality and adjust immunity, such as codonopsis pilosula, fructus ligustri lucidi, astragalus, cordyceps sinensis and rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae.

In 2008, after the dealer’s voluntary contact, the National Taiwan University Hospital looked for 44 breast cancer patients from 2009, June to 2011, June. 30 belong to the experimental group, and they drink the ‘Tian Xian liquid-P’ three times a day. The rest 14 drink the succedaneum. Findings show that the 30 people in the experiment group witness their immunity increased and among them, one sees her tumor shrunk and another one does not see the cancer cells expand any more. At the same time, the National Taiwan University Hospital notes that more researches need to be done to confirm the effect.

Codonopsis pilosula also helps Tonifying middle-jiao and Qi. We can not say it’s helpful to you when put 4 or 5 herbal medicines together. That should be well considered. The doctor reminds don’t try easily before it is qualified with medicine license. While the National Taiwan University Hospital turns to a low profile and does not give any response for this research.

However, various ‘Tian Xian liquid’ products including ‘Tian Xian liquid-1’ on the market are not the ‘Tian Xian liquid-P’ researched by the National Taiwan University Hospital. But they also belong to foodstuff, once declared to have the curative effect; the Health Department can make a 1 million fine. The cancer patients should pay more attention and appeal to the traditional cancer methods. Reported by Lin,yanan & Wu,tingyi from TVBS News.


台灣 華視 * YAHOO 2012-09-08

“天仙液”助抗癌 台大醫院證實 很多癌症病友都知道,這款中藥天仙液,台大醫院在日前破天荒的以人體實驗,證明天仙液的配方,經過改良後能增強患者的免疫力,還有患者腫瘤變小了。不過,衛生署說,市面上的天仙液是食品,不得宣稱療效,如果違法將開罰100萬元。 中藥材黨參女貞子黃耆冬蟲夏草和白朮,就是傳說中可以抑制腫瘤的天仙液成分,而現在市面上也有這種號稱可以讓腫瘤縮小的天仙液產品,到底天仙液對癌症有沒有抑制作用,傳出臺大醫院改良業者的天仙液配方,叫作為天仙液,並對乳癌第四期患者進行人體實驗,實驗結果發現體內免疫細胞數量增加,代表免疫力增強更有體力抗癌,實驗中有1名患者腫瘤明顯縮小,另1人癌細胞沒有再增生,但是否證明天仙液-P有抑制癌細胞作用,台大研究團隊還是持保留態度。 中醫師也說也曾經遇到有病患使用,但效果不明顯,吳明珠,台大研究團隊私下解釋,實驗結果顯示天仙液-P可當晚期乳癌患者輔助療法,但天仙液-P配方跟市面上賣的天仙1號天仙液,配方畢竟不同,不能證明其他天仙液產品有一樣效果,民眾不該搶購,更何況市面上所販賣的天仙液,只有食品許可沒有藥症,衛生署也提醒沒有藥症宣稱療效就不合法,也提醒民眾不要輕易相信天仙液美名,經衛生署核可發藥症才安全。

CCTV-4 covers the tribute event by 100 cancer survivors to Anti-Cancer Tian Xian Inventor, Dr. Wang Zhen Guo.


January 10, 2000, co-sponsored by the International Cancer Rehabilitation Association and the Zhenguo Industrial Group, the selection of one hundred Tian Xian anticancer warriors has started at the Yunnan Hall in the Great Hall of the People. Vice Chairman of NPC Dawamat and vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Zhao Nanqi participated in this event.

In today’s world, cancer still poses a serious threat to human’s health and life. Every six seconds, there will be a death due to cancer. Mankind is looking forward to get more effective treatments and medicines.

Chinese medicine has a long history in the treatment of cancer and it has made an outstanding contribution to it. The purposes of this fraternity is to promote Chinese traditional medicine, to prove to the world that, the result is good by combining TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and WM (Western Medicine) in treatment of tumor and the cure rate is very high.

Chairman of Zhen Guo Industrial Group Co., Ltd., said, “According to my recent experimental results, it proved that the efficiency of active ingredients in the Chinese traditional medicine on cancer is no less than the chemotherapy drugs, and there are no side effects.

“I think, this is the biggest characteristic of our Chinese medicine. In other words, it drives out of the evil spirits without injury, helps you being well without helping the evil spirits.”

Representatives from United States, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries also attended this fellowship. Foreign patients had better understanding for the role of Chinese medicine about the treatment on cancer through their personal experience.

A Japanese patient said that, “the special difference between Chinese and Western medicine is that the side-effects to the body is relatively small. Therefore, with the cooperation of Chinese and Western medicines, you can get more and better treatment results. The disease I am suffering from is called esophageal cancer, after taking Tian Xian medicine for three months, the size of my tumor shrank, which helped me to eat something.”

Today, the Warriors that are participating in the anti-cancer Association, have all suffered from cancer.

With the help of Chinese herbs, they could fight against cancer, so that they can have a fresh start. So that they can move towards the new century, and enter a new millennium.

A Chinese patient said, “after taking Tian Xian medicine for a few months, my physical condition has enhanced, my face is glowing and I feel so much energetic.”

I think that our country has so much potential for the traditional medicine and it’s indeed a great treasure. The personal experience of the anti-cancer warrior has proved the world that traditional Chinese medicine for treating cancer has been very effective. As for cancer, it can be prevented and can also be cured; cancer does not mean death.

Yesterday, there were hundreds of anti-cancer warriors gathered in Beijing and they used their personal experience to fight cancer in a scientific manner.



The 100 cancer survivors parade thru the front of the prestigious seminar hall in Beijing, China. Some of these have come from different parts of the world to give thanks to Dr. Wang — inventor of Tian Xian. They shout “we are alive”.

Cancer Survivors Transcript on Event

Cheer up for life!

Today, they are elated to be at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, with irrepressible joy of rebirth; towards the snowstorm, pulling up a banner titled “We are alive.”

With laughter, with jumping, yes, they are alive; they are the real Superman of life!

The 100 warriors were selected from over a thousand warriors who have been taking Tian Xian series of anticancer drugs from home and abroad.

Out of those 100 warriors, 12 of them are from United States, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, 88 are from China.

Although they vary in severity and their nationalities are different as well, but they were lucky to survive by taking the Tian Xian series of medication.


Maribel Lim: Historia Pacjentki Ocalonej od Raka Trzustki

Friday, August 1, 2003 @ 12:08 PM
posted by admin

Living with any serious disease can be difficult and challenging. I know how each one of you who has a serious ailment feels. I have also felt that way, more than eight years ago.

After reading the MRI result in July of 2001, my husband Victor and I went from one doctor to another to find out the best way to extend my life, to be cured of my cancer. Three, four, five… seven…! I can no longer count how many oncologists we’ve been to… all specialist in pancreatic cancer, a kind of cancer in which the patient has little chance of getting cured. This is the most aggressive form of cancer. Too little time is given to you to think… if you are still able to think straight given your serious condition.